Window Cleaning Danbury, CT

Don't Miss Your Window of Opportunity

Impress your guests with spotless windows

When was the last time you cleaned your windows? Are they covered in water spots or pollen from the past few spring seasons? Let Solimine Window Cleaning wash your windows. We can clean any size and any type of window, including the interior, exterior, screen and window sill. This service is priced by:

  • Exterior only
  • Interior only
  • Interior and exterior

Dial 203-938-0512 to schedule our window cleaning service.

3 reasons to hire professional window cleaners

Your windows are in need of a good cleaning, and you don't know how you would even approach some of the windows on your property. Here are a few reasons to leave the window cleaning to us:

  1. We can safely and effectively clean your hard-to-reach windows
  2. We'll make sure your windows are in pristine condition for potential buyers or renters
  3. We'll help you impress your visitors and clients with your attention to detail

You can count on Solimine Window Cleaning to clean the windows on your property.